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Definition of Chillaxing

It is an English word that comes from “chillax” which means to be relaxed or to calm down and is used in colloquial slang in countries such as the Dominican Republic.


  1. Relaxed
  2. Relaxed
  3. Take a rest

ORIGIN OF Chillaxing

This word is the result of the mixture of “chill” to take rest or recreation from work or some effort, and “relax” which comes from to relax. So there is no doubt that the frequency of this verb in Dominican speech is so closely linked to the lexicon of the United States.

In today’s Spanish there is more than one Anglicism, this means that there are many of them depending on the environment in which the word is used. The verb “Chillaxing”, which comes from English and is used in colloquial slang, is closely related to the rhythm and urban language of the so-called reggaeton.

Keep in mind that English, as with any other language, is in constant change every day and that there are also new words in that language, which are invented and others that are changing their meaning for another.

If your intention is to have a wide urban vocabulary, in order to be “chillaxing” you must know how to use the prepositional verb “chill out” and then how to convert it into the gerund “chilling” to finally get to the mixture of “chillaxing”.


The artist Farruko made this term very popular when he released a song with this title.
On several occasions, when speaking English, the verb “chilling” is not pronounced with the letter “g” so it sounds as if it were pronounced “chillin”, which means “to spend some time without doing anything in particular, but having a good time”.