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Definition of Chiche


Word of vulgar use that designates the male reproductive organ. In this sense it is used especially in the Andean region of the country.

In the case of the coastal region, this word designates children. In other words, it is a synonym for these. For example: I go to the market fast because I left the chiches at home alone.

central america

Word used to refer to the chest or breast of the woman, that is, it appears as a word used instead of the more common “chichi”.

el salvador

It is said of a man who is very white or characterized by having very blond hair. 

costa rica

It is a recognized expression in this country to show that “something” is a simple task to do or to contrast to say that it is not as easy as it seems. For example: The truth is that this is not chichebut it is complicated.

south america

In various regions of this territory, this word is used to convey that something is beautiful, refined or in good taste. Normally, it refers to an object that is small compared to others of the same species. For example: You have a very chiche cart.


This word is used in this country to emphasize a protrusion present either in an object, in a plant or in the body of an animal or human being.


In several areas of Latin America this term is a synonym for toy. In other words, it refers to all those objects used by children for their leisure and as part of their games.

Adornment, jewelry or small thing that is given as a commemoration of a baptism, a piñata or another children’s party. For example: At the party they filled Juanita with chiches.



Regarding the meaning of chiche as p # nis it originates from the conception that the female reproductive organ is known as “chocha”. In this sense, what is sought is the parity of terms to refer to the sexual parts and chiche would be the male version.

In the case of the reference to infants, it has been taken from other cultures in which this word is associated with children or children’s things. This is due to the interaction with new cultures that come to the country by sea and that gradually carry with them new terms and meanings.

central america

This word comes from the Nahuatl Chichiualli language in the sense of designating a woman’s breasts. Commonly the term has been transformed to “chichi” which is widely used among Spanish speakers and later to chiche in some areas. In the same sense, it has been taken as a synonym for protuberance.


Several of the meanings of chiche point to “things for children” or it relates to something that is small or simple. This semantics comes from the Mozarabic word chocho, which in Spanish is “confite”. It was originally a simple candy made for children and later its use was expanded to designate that of children or something small. In Spain it is used as a candy, while in some areas of Latin America it is chiche.


In Colombia there is a valley music group called “Los Chiches Vallenatos “. This group was born in 1987 and is recognized for hits such as “Tierra Mala”, “Ceniza Fría”, among others.