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Definition of Bobo

Bobo is a word used to designate someone who is foolish or of very short understanding. Or who is extremely naive or candid.


  1. Simple, foolish, foolish.
  2. Zonzo, stupid, clumsy, clumsy, candid, naive.


The word bobo designates one who has a very short understanding and who also possesses such a docile and trusting genius that he does not seem to think or act on his own. It is as if he is always available to the motivation given to him by others, he believes everything and follows and obeys everyone.

It also refers to the fool who looks to the example of others for what he should do or say, but does everything when it is least appropriate or wrong. That is why it is often used in the expression that he is stupid because he is in love for example.

He who is a nincompoop is completely in denial; nothing and everything interests him; he does not care about what he should do or say, nor about what others say and do, and everything causes him indifference, unless it is a question of superfluous things, trifles, claptrap, and nonsense.

However, this term is usually heard in Dominican slang with a completely different meaning and context, since it is used in this sense to say that in the street there are problems with the police.


The phrase began to be popularized in the Dominican Republic thanks to the urban music singer Haraka Kiko, with a song called “La Calle ta Bobo” with the intention that it is understood that in the street there are problems with the police.

It arose as a result of Covid-19 and the government’s decision to impose measures so that Dominicans are not in the streets and avoid contagion. If they do not do so, they will imprison anyone they find outside.

Urban artist J Balvin has a song called “Bobo”.