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Definition of Chamuyo

1- The term ” chamuyar ” refers to the action of starting a conversation with another person for loving purposes.

2- Chamuyar is used as a synonym for “flattering”, and is part of a person who “exploits” all the resources they possess; study, preferences, social position, etc., to make a good impression of yourself on another person.

In contexts, such as exams or job interviews, “chamuyar” is linked to lying and “getting away with it”. It is said that this word comes from the verb “chamullar” from Caló (gypsy dialect) which means to talk or chat.

The action of the chamuyo

The word chamuyo can also be considered as an attribute or virtue of a person who, in difficult contexts and without tools, through a persuasive talk, has obtained benefits or exits from complex situations.

That person who bases his social achievements on rationalized lies and on purpose is described as “chamuyero”.

It is common to find the word “chamuyo” in the popular music of Argentina, both the Tango and the cumbia “villera” . In addition, Argentine cinema includes this term permanently in its scripts.

Taking all the aforementioned, we can say that “chamuyero” is a colloquial qualifying adjective that refers to a person who uses persuasive strategies, based on lies or on the maxilla as much as possible, their achievements or assets, with the sole objective of enlarging their image and attract or please another person.

Chamuyo, polysemic sense

In different contexts, chamuyo may indicate a rationalized lie, rhetorical ability, seductive ability, or low credibility.

On this last point, it is necessary to be clear, since if other people classify you as “chamuyero”, this indication may contain a pejorative charge and indicate that you are not trustworthy.