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Definition of #7DJ

Acronym that means ” seven days in Jamaica“. This acronym is used, so far, specifically in the musical field. 

It refers to the name of an urban music album by the Colombian singer “Maluma”.


The acronym # 7DJ originates when Colombian artist Maluma released an album or EP on January 28, 2021. The name of this album is # 7DJ and the singer himself expressed that its meaning was “Seven days in Jamaica”.

Expressions like # 7DJ are popular in urban settings and other contexts. Well, this type of codes or abbreviations contain secret messages that are used to hide something or start variants of the language.


The RAE in its history has accepted some acronyms like # 7DJ. Some of them are CD, ABS and DNA. The acceptance of these depends on several factors such as the extent of their use and their applicability.

EP # 7DJ contains seven songs. This is perhaps one of the main reasons for this abbreviation used by the artist. 

If the term # 7DJ were to be accepted by the Royal Academy of the Language, this would be a word coined by the artist. This has happened many times in history and this would not be the first, nor the last.

The acronyms are normally capitalized, with a few exceptions such as the word UFO.