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C Mamut

Definition of C Mamut

Idiomatic construction that is generally used in social networks instead of the phrase “se mamo” that can have different connotations depending on the context.


Used when someone says something funny or gives a cool response. That is to say, it is a synonym for phrases like “watered it”. For example: Before that comment I can only say c mamut.


Although its use is scarce in this construction, it is used to identify that someone got tired , fed up or bored of something. An example would be: Mateo c mamut from the class and left the room.

It is said of the action of receiving a punishment whether fair or not. In this sense, it can be exemplified as follows: C mamut slapped by stalker.


Receive a merit or award without making the effort required to do so, that is, without deserving it. For example: C mamut an excellent without doing the job.


The expression c mamut derives from the phrase “se mamo” and is used in different ways depending on the geographical context in which it is said. There are many Latin American countries that use it in this way or simply as “sucked”.

One of the places where this phrase is used the most is in Mexico and it is widely distributed on social networks. In addition, there are many memes that are also shared.

It is necessary to clarify that the existence of the word “mamut” is not due to a semantic relationship, but is born from the apparent homophony with the term “mamó”.


“Cumbia del C Mamut” is a humorous musical theme by the Peruvian artist “Tito Silva”. This and many of its themes are characterized by being parodies and seeking to entertain people or have fun.