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Definition of Buchona

It is said of the female of the pigeons and this name refers to its ability to inflate its crop in an excessive way.

el salvador

Woman who suffers from the disease called goiter or preserve, in this case, its version in masculine and feminine is used.


The term is used to designate women who “belong” to men with power for their money. Typically, they are the girlfriends or wives of drug lords.

It is said of the woman who dresses in a striking way, very well groomed, often falling into exaggeration. They seek to appear to be in a superior position to attract wealthy people who pay for their luxury desires.


It is said of a woman or a female animal that has a prominent stomach, that is, it is a synonym for pot-bellied. Similarly, the term applies to the male gender.


The word buchona in all its meanings comes from the term buche, this in turn comes from the Latin word bucula and the French word bouge. The inflection of these two terms that successively mean “blister” and “bag” designate the bag that the birds have to deposit their food.

This word is applied in different contexts, however, they share the same origin. In most cases, the relationship with the crop of birds is clear. However, the way it is applied in Mexico is an association with a “big crop”, that is, with someone who is insatiable with luxury.


In Sinaloa, peasants who were involved in drug trafficking or those who wanted to pretend to be drug traffickers and powerful began to be told buchones.

Buchonas in Mexico also tend to have an exaggerated or exuberant body. For this reason, they often resort to the use of surgery, cosmetic treatments and girdles to further mark their silhouette.