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Definition of Borderland

The word borderland is an English term that refers to a land or an area that borders from one place to another, it is a region that is bordered by another.

Likewise, the word borderland appears in many movies referring to a land that borders another land.

Borderland is an English word, its use in many phrases refers mostly to a limit, border, abyss.

Its meaning does not vary, but the connotation changes depending on what you want to convey.


  1. Boundary
  2. Boundary with land
  3. Borderland
  4. Bordering area
  5. Border
  6. Chasm
  7. Borderline

ORIGIN OF Borderland

The word borderland comes from a combination of words, these are border which in English means border and land which in English means land.

Borderland is understood as the border of the land or the borderland. This word is mainly written in English and its translation into Spanish is “a land or area that has a border or that borders with another”.

Similarly, the prefix border is also used in the English term borderline which refers to limit.


The word borderland is the name of a 2007 horror movie.

The film is Mexican and narrates the life of a man who supposedly was a very famous leader of a cult, a possessive leader who not only told his followers to believe his convictions, but also murdered them and used their remains in the middle of the cult to make sacrifices.

It is a film that for the most part manages to capture the viewer’s attention, bringing disturbing scenes of blood, bones, dead people and even romantic scenes that later turn into tragedy.