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Definition of Bolsa

A Bag.

Bolsa is a hollow object, usually made of flexible material and open on one side, which may or may not have handles, and which serves to contain and transport other objects.

But colloquially in several Spanish-speaking countries it is said to someone who is dumb or clumsy.


  1. Sack, bag, backpack, purse, purse
  2. Wrinkle, crease
  3. Roughness
  4. Slow or clumsy person


The word bolsa comes from the Latin bursa. It is said that its name is linked to the Meson Van der Bürse, a place where merchants met in Bruges (Belgium) to discuss mercantile matters.

The term, in this sense, makes possible its reference to the famous economic institution where public operations of purchase and sale of securities are carried out.

But on the other hand, within the Latin colloquium there are various and very different meanings for the word “bolsa”. This term can be used in various contexts.

In this way, its use is far from the previous meanings, since it is used as an insult, emphasizing the explosive “b” at the beginning of the word: “bolsa!

It is also used to refer to someone when they are too clumsy or when they make a mistake because of their clumsiness, or if a person is slow, or lacks intelligence and usually also applies to refer to a stupid individual.