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Definition of Chipero

Chipero is a word used in the Dominican Republic to refer to cyber criminals.

It can also be to say or do something wrong that turns out well in the end.


  1. Card holder
  2. Cyber criminal


Young Dominicans use street language and urban slang, that is to say, they have their own language, and these expressions are used by them to make clear a certain message of whatever nature.

This is the case of the term “tarjetero”, better known as “chipero”, which comes from the word chip, the one that credit or debit cards have.

In the Dominican Republic, it is a word of daily use that is specifically addressed to men who carry out clandestine criminal work, such as cloning credit cards in order to acquire an ostentatious lifestyle.

This linguistic code is very useful for young people’s communication by allowing the construction of shared meanings.

Their language constitutes common codes that can be oral and some written. They are also being influenced in their lexicon by urban music and rich street slang.

All this modifies the way of speaking not only of Dominicans but of the whole world, since the words they use transcend borders.

Well, to hear it said in the Dominican Republic: “you are a chipero” means that you do illicit business, cloning credit cards.


With the word chipero it happens that several artists of the urban genre have begun to incorporate the word in their songs using this concept as a synonym of the word “tarjetero”.