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Blue Alert

Definition of Blue Alert

The term blue alert is used in several different contexts depending on the country or even the institutions where this alert is used. Then, in we will tell you what Blue Alert means and what is its origin.

The Blue Alert is used to “Make a wake-up call” on a particular issue generally mild. But this meaning may vary depending on the area where it is used.


In the international police or interpol a blue alert is a call to the authorities of various countries for the collection of information such as identity, implications in criminal activities, whereabouts and other information about a person.

This call for international cooperation can be issued without the need for judicial authorization; Therefore, spying on a designated subject is perfectly legal.

The Blue Alert, differs from the popular red alert of the interpol in that the blue one is only based on collecting information while the red one is already an international search and capture order.


In the Mexican meteorological system “Blue Alert” is the lowest of the alert levels against storms and hurricanes in the country of Mexico and means “Minimum Danger.”

A Blue Alert is characterized by the detection of a threat type Cyclone or tropical storm when it is at least 3 days away from the coast and with a speed of 63 kilometers per hour.

United States

In the United States, this alert is in effect in at least 34 states, and is used as a notification that a police officer has been killed or seriously injured by a criminal.

This type of Blue Alert reaches the cell phones of the citizens of the state where the incident occurred. This is accompanied by the name of the suspect and occasionally a reward.

Now you know what Blue Alert means.