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Definition of .com

Apocope of the word “commercial” that has been used to be the domain of most web pages and emails in the world.

By origin, it refers to a domain created exclusively for commercial pages that evolved to other fields to become the most used globally.


.Com was born in 1985 and its use was intended to contain only commercial web pages, that is why “.com” was chosen as the name of this domain. All this was due to the fact that we wanted to refer to the word “commercial” as an exclusive niche for these domains.

Thanks to its public release, “.com” became the most common web domain for Internet pages, with approximately more than 100 million pages with this domain. In other words, all kinds of internet sites can currently be hosted in the “.com” domain without the need to be commercial pages.


During the so-called “.com bubble” in the late 90s, a large number of popular websites were born that use the “.com” domain, such as “”, “”, “Amazon .com”,” “, among others.

Another global domain is .net which abbreviates the word “Network” and was intended for general web pages . Also “.org” that comes from “organization” and is the domain intended for organizations.