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Alerta Verde

Definition of Alerta Verde

It refers to a low risk warning, that is, the probability of something serious happening is lower, but you must be careful and careful. It is used in many areas of life such as health, meteorology, the environment, among others.

The Alerta Verde (Green Alert) can function as a preventive forecast for a possible disaster that is coming. However, it indicates that the danger is low.


There is no record of when the phrase “Alerta Verde” began to be used to denote a low risk for the population. However, it is used throughout the planet with the purpose of informing. In other words, people must be careful in their daily activities and keep protective items and food on hand.

In this type of alert, routine activities can continue as normal but with the caution that anything can happen. When it is notified that this alert has passed, the danger gives us the light to continue with our normal rhythm of life.


Normally, when a risk that was determined as a “Alerta Amarilla” decreases, the “Alerta Verde” is promulgated, which indicates that it is possible to return to the routine taking precautions.

It is important to always have an emergency plan and when a “Alerta Verde” is announced to have everything you need for an eventual emergency.