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Birds of Prey

Definition of Birds of Prey

The term “Birds of Prey” has appeared in the media after the creation of the film of the same name starring actress Margot Robbie, Next, we will tell you what is the meaning of Birds of Prey and what is its origin.

To begin with, the meaning of Birds of prey is “Hunting birds”, but what is a bird of prey?

They are called birds of prey or Raptors those that have the power to hunt prey with its beak and claws.

Some of the most important characteristics of this type of bird are its sharp sight, its curved beak and its sharp claws.

Among the specimens belonging to this type of birds are: The Eagles, The Falcons, The seagulls and others.

As an additional fact, the Bald Eagle (a Bird of Prey) is the national symbol of the United States of America.

For its part, the flag of Mexico posed an eagle that holds a snake in its beak as the national shield of the country.

Birds of Prey movie

In 2019, the premiere of a film starring Margot Robbie was announced, which is titled Birds of Prey.

In this film Robie embodies the character of Harley Quinn, an antihero who long ago was a companion to the famous comic villain The Joker.

Now you know what Birds of Prey means