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Definition of Bichote

Augmentative of a small animal that is generally an insect. In this case, it is one size larger than usual. For example: Juan, there is a bichote in the kitchen, watch out !

puerto rico

Man of great importance in the business of the underworld and of high relevance to the police. In general, he is a ringleader or boss in the world of drug trafficking. For example: The police caught a mafia bichote!

By extension it is applied in the urban world to a person who is of great importance in a certain sector without the need to be directly involved in illicit business. An example would be: Bad Bunny is the bichote of the trap.


Colloquial way of naming the male reproductive system. In urban music this meaning is usually interchanged with that of boss or capo.


  1. Insect
  2. Woodlouse
  3. Bug

puerto rico

  1. Head
  2. Boss
  3. Leader


  1. P#nis
  2. ph#llus


Bichote is directly related to the Spanish word “bug”. The latter, for its part, originates from the Latin bestius which means “animal”. Therefore, literally this word is used to designate an animal, especially small, that stands out in size to its equals.

One of the meanings given by the RAE to a bug is that of “wicked person with bad intentions”. So, by extension in the urban and drug environment it has been assigned a meaning of leader. From this perspective, what is done is to apply a meaning to the term even if it is far from its original semantics.

Due to the popularity of urban music genres, it is increasingly popular to use it in the leading sense. This is due to its great use of “bichote” in these types of songs , both in its male version and in the female version “bichota”.


“Ser Bichote” is a song by the artist Bad Bunny released in 2018. The song is part of the X100PRE album.

The urban artists “Musicólogo & Mene” and “Ele A El Dominio” have a 2020 song called “De Bichote”.

“El Bichote” is the artistic name of an urban artist who has dabbled with the single “Ando” in 2021 together with “Eel Negro”.