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Definition of Homologado

That it is verified to function, actuate or be part of something. Thus, it is used in various branches of knowledge. In other words, for something to be approved, it must be evidenced that said person met all the required requirements.


It means that athletes have been tested and passed. In this sense, the tests are carried out by accredited institutions for this purpose.


It is when a judge declares the validity of the acts and agreements of the parties to give them greater firmness.


It is the validation of an academic degree in a certain country for later knowledge in other nations.

When someone needs to change from one institution to another in order to complete their studies. From this perspective, the subjects already taken need to be homologated by the institution so that the subsequent institution does not have to repeat it.


Action of defining equality of two assets, evaluating their physical characteristics, area or location, time, conservation, quality, surface, among others.


It is said of an electronic device that is configured to operate in a different geographical area than the one originally thought or used.


  1. Correspondent
  2. Equivalent
  3. Similar


  1. Discordant
  2. Different
  3. Contrary


Homologado derives from the verb homologa r, this in turn means making two or more things equal or equivalent. This term is often used in educational or academic settings, as well, in areas such as law, economics, sports, and others.

Homologado comes from the Greek homologues whose interpretation is to agree. In other words, the documents are those that are normally approved, and when someone uses this term it is to show that the document they have is accredited for a specific purpose or use.


For something to be approved, it must be evidenced that said person met all the required requirements.

On Netflix there is the movie “El Hoyo, in which we can often find the word approved. From this perspective, one of the characters constantly repeats that he will have an approved title.