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Beso en la frente

Definition of Beso en la frente

Kiss on the forehead

It means a gesture of pure love and protection of the person who receives it.

SYNONYMS FOR Beso en la frente

  1. Protection
  2. Love
  3. Respect
  4. Intimacy
  5. Trust

ORIGIN OF Beso en la frente

The kiss on the forehead represents many different feelings and emotions, therefore it is very possible that it means a variety of things, although similar.

Let’s remember that depending on the culture and context, the kiss by itself can express several feelings such as love, respect, greeting, friendship, or good luck, among others.

Also, for one person to kiss another on the lips, cheek, head and hand, contains a different social meaning in each place.

One of the clearest and most important meanings of the kiss on the forehead is that it is a sign of protection. That person who gives the kiss on the forehead, undoubtedly shows love, respect and the desire to care for and protect the person to whom it is given.

This kiss is very powerful. It is usually given from fathers to children, from mothers to children, from grandparents to grandchildren, but of course, it is also common in couples.

In the couple, this kiss is often done alone because it is a romantic and very intimate moment. The person intends to reassure his or her partner’s mood with this kiss, or to remind him or her how important he or she is to him or her, and while giving it; it is usually accompanied by an embrace.

CURIOSITIES OF Beso en la frente

It is said that the heat and pressure of the lips on the forehead area stimulates the pineal gland.

This promotes the release of chemicals that can generate joy and well-being, for this reason it is thought that kisses on the forehead can connect the soul with spirituality.