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Definition of Benignidad

Benignity in English, the quality of being benign, a kindly, well-meaning attitude, lacking malice or severity.

Love of man that carries with it justice as a requirement, righteousness, and reason as a way of being.


  1. Benevolent.
  2. Complacency
  3. Humanity, affability,
  4. Pious, temperate,
  5. Gentle or meekness.

ORIGIN OF Benignidad

This word derives from the Latin “benegnus” composed by the words “bene” which means “good” and “genus” which refers to “born”, therefore etymologically it refers to something that was conceived and created for good.

Benignity as a term is therefore used to refer to the values of something or someone that is considered good in its essence and is often used as an adjective to describe individuals or intangible things as for example in the phrases “Manuel’s benignity helped his people out of their pain”, or “people seek the benignity of the spirit”.

A person who manifests benignity possesses positive qualities of feelings such as empathy, understanding, goodwill, patience and love with the people around him. Therefore it is generally considered a being of good heart and good intentions, being sincere, empathetic, understanding and tolerant.

The term benignity in medicine, usually indicates the result of examinations on tumors or diseases that do not alter too seriously the patient’s health and are not cancerous.


When translated into English the word benignity is rendered as “kindness” when referring to a person, but instead, to refer to meteorology it is “mildness”.

Certainly, benignity is commonly associated with kindness. However, benignity refers to something that does good, in such a sense kindness is only the expression of benignity, as its positive value.