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Definition of Mullirás

biblical meaning of the word mullirás

The meaning of the Hebrew word “hafak” is used in the bible as a translation of mullirás, which literally means to turn or change.

In agriculture it refers to digging holes around vines or crops in general to hollow out the soil and soften it.


  1. To hollow out.
  2. To fluff.
  3. To soften
  4. To cushion

ORIGIN OF Mullirás

From the Latin “mollire”, which means to soften in the bible the term is used in Psalm 41:3 which reads as follows: “The Lord will sustain him on the bed of pain; you will fluff his whole bed in sickness.”

What the psalmist wrote is referring to the fact that as long as we are in this world, many times sickness will touch our bodies.

Job, who was a man of integrity like no other in the bible, is laid on a bed of pain and suffering and now David, who lives a life of complete dependence on God, also suffers the inclemencies of sickness.

Thus the Hebrew word hafak, which is used in the bible as a translation of “to fluff”, literally refers to change and suggests the idea of the great relief that the sick person feels when he is moved to another bed.

In other words, God will transform the bed of the one who suffers. Although he does not always promise to cure, he always assures to grant some relief and comfort to the sick person in his bed as well as to his relatives.


Colloquially used to imply that there is another person who is aware of the ideas or intents of another and possesses the ability to reject or resist them.

Also “mullírselas” refers to punishing or mortifying someone.