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Behind The Colores

Definition of Behind The Colores

It is on everyone’s lips, it is heard, it rumbles, it is interesting, it is white, red, purple and it expands incessantly through a musical rhythm. Does it sound familiar to you? Know what Behind the colores means!

Behind the colores refers to the live concert that Colombian singer J Balvin will present on his official YouTube channel, to promote his latest studio album titled “Colors”.

Concert of Colores

It will be a virtual show in augmented reality format scheduled for this June 20 at 7:00 p.m.

A live stream in an image format never seen before for similar events.

The interpreter of “Amarillo” will share this concert for free with his followers and the presence of other artists participating in the album “Colores” is also expected.

Translation to Spanish

Behind the colores is a word game combined by different languages ​​(English and Spanish), which within the respective rule of each language, does not have absolute validity. However, in the so-called Spanglish it can be translated into Spanish as “behind the colors”.


The musical field continues to impress us with its expressions and words, but when it comes to innovating, there are no limits.