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Definition of Baka

The word Baka has the meaning “fool”, it is used as an adjective, a derogatory term used in the Japanese language and has gone viral on social networks such as TikTok.




There are many anime and manga fans who use the word “Baka” as an insult, although it is usually used in a joking, light-hearted and pleasant tone.

The phrase is of Japanese origin and although it seems to have some relation with “Cow”, it is not.

The social network TikTok has been where the term has been most widely used to the point that “Baka” has been overused. The hashtag #baka currently has more than one billion uses on this platform.

On TikTok it has undoubtedly gone viral.


A TikTok content creator named @masaebation has shared a tutorial on how to pronounce “Baka” correctly, including the facial expressions that should be made to accompany the pronunciation of that word.

Many users enjoyed the video, as they had never before heard the pronunciation of the word out loud and how to express it bodily.

The user @showsuzuki also uploaded to the social network Tik Tok a video in which he demonstrates the various forms and emotions that can be used to say “Baka”.

Another person with the name @sulik8112 shared his recreation of the different forms of “Baka” depicted in anime clips. This shows how often the word is used in the content of this type of cartoon.