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Definition of JGL

The acronym JGL refers to Chapo Guzman, a Mexican drug lord who popularized, so to speak, organized crime. These acronyms became famous when a music group popularized them, making reference to this mafia leader.

Now, when these acronyms are seen on items such as caps, shirts and other clothing, it is understood that they are in favor of this man’s ideas.


Chapo Guzman.

Organized crime.

Mexican kingpin.

Mexican Mafia.

Drug trafficker.

Drug trafficking.


These acronyms correspond to the name of Chapo Guzmán called Joaquín Guzmán Loera, founder of the Sinaloa cartel and one of the best known drug traffickers in the world. In the urban genre, these acronyms have more than meaning, as this Chapo is named in reference to gangs, evil plans, groups organized for a purpose, among others.

Guzman has been one of the men who stands out the most in songs of Mexican origin, but also in other countries such as Colombia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and more.


It is believed that Chapo Guzman was born on December 25, although this date is disputed and not known exactly. A large group of historians consider that the birth of this well-known man was in April. The group La Adictiva, which has a song dedicated to Chapo, is the best known.

The acronym JGL also hides multiple meanings that refer to the names of certain companies or elements of electrical or digital origin.

In the grammatical sense, the combination of these letters speaks of a semantic that refers to inner peace, each letter separately contains its own meaning and thus when joined together they form a complete concept.