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Definition of Arrecho

The word arrecho refers primarily to one who feels or has a tendency to feel great sexual arousal.


  1. Excited
  2. Annoyed
  3. Angry


The word arrecho comes from the Latin “erectus” which means erect, stiff or erect.

In Argentina it is used to refer to when a person feels like having sex, and in Colombia it can designate a person who feels a lot of sexual desire, both for men and women.

Especially in the regions of the Colombian Caribbean coast, in the east of the country the meaning of the word denotes a person of strong character or will and as in Venezuela also expresses anger in some cases.

This word has become one of the many favorites in the slang of Venezuelans, therefore it is often used in almost any context, thus taking meanings such as: annoying, bad-tempered, sassy, angry or difficult.

Other meanings of the word arrecho are for example an individual “arrecho” meaning a brave man, who is able to solve problems with courage or it can also be used to say that he appears to be better than others.

A “arrecha” woman can refer either to the one who is the one who can solve her things without the help of a man, or in the sense that this woman is of strong character and does not allow herself to be dominated by anyone.

Or for example, if someone is assigned a very complicated task to do, it is very common to hear: “this is very hard to do”. It is also used to express annoyance: “but you are arrecho, you ate my part of the cake”.


In Costa Rica it means skilled person, very intelligent or with great skills.

In Dominican Republic: it is used to refer to a person who is angry.

In Ecuador it is generally used when something has produced a certain impact.

In Mexico it means to be in the mood to make love or very horny.

In Nicaragua: angry, when something is hard, ugly or difficult.

In Panama it is used to designate a person with abundant desire or desire to have sex.