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Definition of Ámonos

An exhortative word that is expressed as an invitation and order to leave. For example: Pedro let’s love each other for the house.

Apheresis or transformation due to the absence of letters in the word let’s go.


 A somewhat humorous and fun way to pronounce let’s go. It is used between close people for the purpose of grace or tenderness.


  1. Go
  2. Let’s go
  3. hurry up
  4. Walk


  1. Let’s stay
  2. Let’s hope
  3. stay


Ámonos comes from the conjugation for the first person plural of the verb go “let’s go”. This term is formed from an apheresis, that is, by removing part of the first letters of the word. For this reason, the meaning is kept as an invitation or command to indicate haste or to start a journey.

It is thought that ámonos began to be used in Mexico. However, there is no specific evidence of this and the use is totally extensive. Also, in some regions of Spain it is part of the vocabularies of some of the regions there.


By homophony, the word amonos is often confused with the famous game “Among Us”. Even on YouTube you can find some videos called “let’s love each other” that refer to this game.

The word ámonos must be marked in its first vowel, since it is a esdrújula. This is so, because the accentuation of the original word “let’s go” is maintained.