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Definition of Alofoke

Alofoke refers to something that is done without thinking, in a crazy way.

Name of a famous urban music producer.


  1. Flippantly
  2. Without thinking


When talking about the lexicon or “slang” used in the reggaeton and trap genre, the possibilities of getting deformations of English words are many. And the fact is that the wide vocabulary used in the genre is reinvented and takes on its own identity.

This is the case of the word “Alofoke” is used in the slang of this genre -almost always by Dominicans- to refer to an action that is taken lightly and without thinking much about the reprisals that such action may have.

This term arose in one of those attempts to Spanishize the word “Fucker” ending in “a lo fucker”, a bit like “a lo loco”.

However, it is known as Alofoke, Esmerlin Santiago Matias, a famous producer and manager of important artists of the trap and reggaeton genre, born in 1984 in the Capotillo neighborhood of the Dominican Republic and who began his career as a rap singer, back in the 2000s.

However and soon after, he noticed that he did not have the talent needed to dedicate himself to that, so he ended up becoming the famous manager Alofoke.


Alofoke always believed in his own country’s talent, and after inaugurating his radio show Alofokeradio Webshow in 2012, time would prove him right.

He then became nothing more and nothing less than the manager of the artist Mark B, signing him under the label of his company Fuse Music, and thus managed to position him worldwide with songs with Maluma or Bad Bunny.