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Definition of 555

In numerology and astrology, the combination of these three digits means good fortune, they represent the timely response of your guardian angel, he is answering your requests and comes to remove all the slanders that have been raised against you. It is also associated with a spiritual alert where changes are coming.






Good fortune.



The digit 5 by itself supposes a change, an alert, good fortune and cycles to close.

However, when it appears repeatedly, it emphasizes each of its meanings, so when you dream of this number or see it in different elements, you should be more than cautious about the changes that may occur in your life.

Numerology tells us that the numerical digits are a language that the universe expresses to us so that we always remain united with our spiritual being.


The trilogy of a number indicates that it is an angelic message received with urgency, that is to say, any digit that is repeated in the form of a triplet announces something that must be fulfilled or that you must be careful.

The 555 can also make you see the correct use of energy, it is a message that the angels send you and that, in your possibilities, you must make the aura that dwells in you be transformed into positive energy to fulfill this message.

Its meaning also transcends to what is most significant in your spiritual being, what is most powerful to you, what attracts you or revolutionizes you. It implies a series of actions that you must perform and make an effort so that the change you are alerted to takes place correctly and allows you to close cycles and open new ones.