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Cómo leer el huevo (How to Read An Egg)

Definition of Cómo leer el huevo (How to Read An Egg)

Ritually, the egg represents the creation of life, rebirth, resurrection, prosperity and wealth. In practically any home in the world there is this food, for this reason it is common that it is one of the most used ingredients for esoteric purposes.

SYNONYMS FOR Cómo leer el huevo

  1. Oomancy, Ovomancy.
  2. Ritual of cleansing.

ORIGIN OF Cómo leer el huevo

Although oomancy used to be thought to have its origin in Greece, some believe that this practice was also used by the Druids in Scotland. The word oomancy derives from two Greek words, oon (egg) and Manteia (divination), which is literally translated into divination through the egg.

Oomancy was a very common form of clairvoyant divination practiced in ancient Greece and Rome, where it was believed that it was possible to predict the future by interpreting the shapes formed when the separated whites of an egg were dropped into hot water.

Most esotericists agree that the egg should be as fresh as possible, that is, it should not have been refrigerated.

If you buy the egg in the supermarket, where there is no way that they are fresh from the hen, it should be left for 4 hours out of the refrigerator before performing the ritual.

CURIOSITIES OF Cómo leer el huevo

The moment to read the egg should be indicated according to the perception of each person, in fact it is ideal to keep protected the loved ones of that person.

Egg divination was often used to obtain knowledge about children still in the womb, such as their sex, health or due date.

In practice, they would rub a raw chicken egg on the pregnant mother’s belly and then proceed to crack it on a plate. If the broken egg contained only one yolk, then the mother would give birth to a son. If the egg contained two, three or more yolks, this would mean that the mother would have twins or triplets and so on.