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Hora espejo 12 12

Definition of Hora espejo 12 12

The spiritual and numerological meaning of Mirror Hour 12 12 12 is that you vibrate in sync with a specific number and that your efforts will be successful.

SYNONYMS FOR Hora espejo 12 12

  1. Clairvoyance and mediumship
  2. Evolution
  3. Courage

ORIGIN OF Hora espejo 12 12

The mirror hour 12:12 has a great load of mystical symbolism. We find the 12 in the Sacred Texts of the three great monotheistic religions: in the Jewish religion, first in the Old Testament where the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 “minor prophets” are highlighted.

In the Christian religion, the Gospel of the New Testament mentions the 12 stars that illuminate the Virgin Mary, the woman of heaven, without forgetting the 12 apostles, the disciples of Christ, and in Islam the Koran speaks of 12 imams.

In numerology the one represents the views of the individual, his opinions, his goals and his capacity for self-expression, while the two is the opposite, referring to partners, other people and the need to seek harmony.

When united, they achieve a balance, a kind of communion where the individual’s opinions and goals are of utmost importance and, at the same time, he/she has the possibility to connect with others. In this sense, the 12:12 is a call to leave selfishness behind and reflect on what divides us as human beings.

CURIOSITIES OF Hora espejo 12 12

It is also the number of clairvoyance and represents that the individual possesses the gift of clairvoyance, therefore it is clear where to go and which path is the most convenient.

The 12:12 as a message from the angels is a number that emits an important vibration because it indicates the love that we put to achieve our goals. Through the 12:12 the angels guide the individual to the right path.