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Horas espejo

Definition of Horas espejo

We speak of Horas espejo, “mirror hours” in English, when a figure or a number of hours is the same as that of the minutes, that is to say that they are repeated after the colon, being the most known: 11:11, 12:12, 20:20 and 00:00.

SYNONYMS FOR Horas espejo

  1. Numbers repeated in the hour.

ORIGIN OF Horas espejo

For decades there have been interpretations of the hours marked by the clock in human daily life, gaining popularity especially in recent times. They are often called “mirror hours”, which have a secret message from the universe and angels.

It is widely known as “the magic hour” and is repeated at various times of the day. Believers in positive magic claim that destiny offers us 24 opportunities in our day to reconnect with ourselves and thus generate links with spiritual beings and the universe itself.

These signs are considered by many as “messages from the angels” who wish to contact this earthly world, and thus give us indications or warn us that something bad may happen.

Something that experts in numerology, spirituality and astrology mention, is that you should not be afraid of what may happen when you move the hands of the clock and mark these hours.


There is a popular interpretation that indicates that time should be used from the moment we wake up until it is time to rest, because we are active beings who recover energy, both physical and spiritual, if we take care of our body.

In these hours our Guardian Angel, who accompanies us at all times, will always try to find a moment to connect with us and give us the necessary strength to be able to face the complex situations that arise.