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Hora espejo 13 13

Definition of Hora espejo 13 13

The spiritual and numerological meaning of Mirror Hour 13:13 designates that your wish will finally be fulfilled.

SYNONYMS FOR Hora espejo 13 13

  1. Realism
  2. Renewal
  3. Resurrection
  4. Wish fulfilled
  5. Change
  6. Luck

ORIGIN OF Hora espejo 13 13

The 13:13 is a mirror hour that has a positive message. In numerology 1 represents unity and beginning, while 3 symbolizes expansion and communication. As Jupiter is its planet, it also represents luck.

From the angelic point of view, it is a very important number because it is associated with the Holy Trinity, that is, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. For all this, when they are united and potentiated to the double, it means only one thing: good news.

All this manifests that the person is ready for the new cycle in his life. Whatever his desire may have been, it is now clear that he is going to move forward on new paths that are likely to be filled with happiness and hope.

If the person is coming out of a dark period and has reflected deeply on his personality, after many questions and answers, it means that the time for change has come and that his Guardian Angel sends that positive energy that the person needs to feel ready to face whatever comes his way.

CURIOSITIES OF Hora espejo 13 13

If you see by causality, the hour 13:13 means that a wish you made in the past will be fulfilled, so you should remember the things you prayed for or analyze if something was asked to the universe.

This repeated number represents new beginnings and that you have learned a karmic lesson; that the energies you had stagnant finally flowed and you can move on.