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Definition of 1414

In numerology this is a mirror hour, 1414 symbolizes movement, new beginnings, progress, independence, relationships.

In its angelic meaning, there is an angel that represents the number 1414. When we see this number it means that it is present to remind us that with each dawn comes a new beginning.




New beginnings



This mirror hour 14:14 is the hour of movement and beginnings of new things and the angel 1414 announces the clarity of the explanation of certain things such as that we must leave the past behind because it no longer exists.

The number 1414 symbolizes progress, energy in motion and is an indication that the angels are all around us and that there are very few possibilities of going astray, as long as we are guided by the Elder Spirits.

The messages transmitted by the angel number 1414 are very important in angelic symbology and numerology, and have the power to change the course of our lives and what he expects is that you follow your heart that will guide you to achieve all the goals you set in life.

This angel number 1414 asks you to move away from those people who do not bring you any benefit and have no purpose in your life, and when you do many of them will try to push you down, so it is your responsibility to recognize these negative souls.

In the same way the angel 1414 suggests that you may be able to overcome any difficulty and fight bravely against any obstacle, although not all attempts lead to success, many of them will be useless because as humans we are flawed and the world is full of imperfections.


The guardian angel that corresponds to the mirror hour 1414 is: Veuliah; its period of influence is from 2:00 pm to 2:20 pm.