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Definition of Bienaventurado

Person who enjoys good happiness thanks to his good actions or relationship with God. For example: You are blessed, thank the Lord.


Said of someone who is very happy or who is very lucky. For example: You are blessed with the children you have.

Ironically, someone is said to be too simple or naive.


  1. Happy
  2. Cheerful
  3. Lucky


  1. Unhappy
  2. Sad
  3. Unlucky


The word Bienaventurado comes from the Hebrew asrhe and the Greek makarioiThe two words give one to understand the feeling of happiness and, also, of being blessed. In the case of the Bible, the Beatitudes constitute a central message of the preaching of Jesus Christ.

Beyond the happiness that earthly things can bring about, to be blessed in the Biblical sense is to be at peace with God and to do his will. Therefore, the beatitudes also warn of persecution and struggles possessed by people who are considered blessed by the Lord.


According to some theologians, the core of Jesus’ preaching on earth was made up of the beatitudes.

It is said that the people bienaventurado correspond to the realization of one of the most powerful desires of humans (the pursuit of happiness).

According to the Bible we could extract specific characteristics that build the profile of someone who is blessed:

Character of Justice : The blessed are people who tend to act with justice.

Humility: Humility is undoubtedly a characteristic associated with the desire to be a servant.

Mercy: The bienaventurado are usually compassionate and merciful people.

Purity of heart: Without a doubt this is their most characteristic quality and the one that makes them stand out before God.

The beatitudes are found in chapter 5 of the Gospel of Matthew in the Bible.