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Spiritual meaning of los cuervos

Definition of Spiritual meaning of los cuervos

This bird has been linked on multiple occasions as a symbol of evil, the devil and darkness, so the spiritual significance of crows refers to their ability to communicate bad omens.

The crow, which in some countries is known as the crow, is a species of passerine bird of the Corvidae family. It is present throughout the northern hemisphere and is characterized by its great adaptability.

SYNONYMS FOR los cuervos

  1. Bird of ill omen
  2. Cockatiel
  3. Ibirú
  4. Aura

ORIGIN OF Spiritual meaning of los cuervos

The raven as a symbolic bird of omens has been related on several occasions with darkness and other evil beings. But this image has been transformed by time, space and context, thus breaking the mold we had established since we had assumed from children’s stories.

Thus, from a referential point of view, there are multicultural models, which only pretend to be an exemplification of the motifs and the diverse symbology in which the raven can be framed.

Taking a generic perspective, it is possible to deduce that the symbol of the raven as an entity that generally communicates bad omens, exists in diverse cultures, although its association with the side of death and its faculty of being the transport of souls apparently comes from oriental cultures.

So it is possible that this relation of the raven with death comes from Japan, and has arrived in Europe through the romantics.

Beyond the ability they have to gouge out the eyes of dead bodies, whether human or not, the raven has no real predisposition to the negative, but only in Western European culture and in the heart of Africa.
The Christian religion, as the bulwark of today’s Western society, has no specific definition of the role of crows in life.

CURIOSITIES OF Spiritual meaning of los cuervos

In the same way that the tree is the place of passage towards the world of the dead or the well in the Amerindians, or the closed places in the Africans, in the Japanese culture the crow is “the one who lacks the souls”.