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Definition of Zumbón

The word zumbón in a simple way and accepted by the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy “RAE” has two meanings, both are adjectives, the first refers to a sound that comes to be the humming or buzzing. But the meaning that we are going to break down today has to do directly with a person who has a tendency to mock, express himself in a derisive manner, or who speaks with little seriousness.

It is a person who is always going around with a festive personality, is often making jokes and is not serious when speaking.

Of course these two definitions are not the only ones, when we investigate a little more, we will find that it also refers to a thing, animal or person that is smelly, but at the same time depending on its context it can mean or refer to a foolish person.


This word is usually very native to Spain, but it does not mean that it is not used in different parts of the world, which is why the synonyms that will be mentioned below do not refer to a specific area.

The synonyms of the word zumbón are:

● Chistoso

● Joker

● Mocking

● Prankster

● Sneaky

● Jocular

● Not serious

● Humorous

● Funny

Now there are other synonyms that, in order to be embraced by the term zumbón, depend distinctly on their context, such as:

● Humming

● Buzz

This is due to the origin of the word as such. So without wasting time, let us go straight to the origin.


The etymology of this word is quite simple, it comes from “zumbar” and the suffix “ón” must be added.


If we take into account its origin, we must realize that it refers to the noise that a person can cause when expressing himself, doing it in a burlesque way, but if the context is derogatory, it immediately refers to a foolish person, which is curious how the same word can refer to a funny person and at the same time to a fool.