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Definition of Znaki

Znaki is a word closely related to the seventh art and has a connotation within the original language. As an unusual term in our language, we want to make you know where Znaki comes from and the different concepts that come from it. Let’s go!

Znaki is a word originating in Poland, its meaning is: symbol or sign. Znaki is also titled a well-known crime and murder series, broadcast on the Netflix platform and the AXN channel. Want to know what this series is about? We invite you to read on!

The Znaki Series

Znaki is a Polish television series released in October 2018 in the same country. It is of the dramatic genre, and is framed by a murder that rebirths the clues of another unsolved murder, which occurred a decade ago. From there, the search for truth begins.

It is directed by Jakub Miszczak and stars Andrzej Konopka, Helena Sujecka, and Michal Czernecki. This series has gradually gained followers in Latin America for having a very good plot loaded with suspense and revelations.

Symbol Definition

As we mentioned, Znaki is equal to symbol. This is defined as a visual representation, recognized and socially accepted, which leads to the communication of a message.

When we see a white dove flying, our mind automatically associates it with peace and freedom. This is considered a representative world symbol.

As for the etymological origin of the word symbol,it comes from the (latin-symb-ulum and the Greek-σύμβoλoν) which refer to a “sign or a means of expression, which is applied to it a meaning according to the parity whether real or imagined with which it is associating.”

In conclusion, Polish cinema has had a great impact with the varied collection of series projected on the Nexflixplatform. Znaki, like DNI 365, have become cinematic materials of choice for film buffs worldwide.

For its part, our library will be attentive to not only give you the meaning of a word, but also to go much further.