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Definition of Zaina

If we would tell you that a single word can identify a person’s attitude and personality, the race or color of some animals, and even be the name of a musical artist, would you believe it? Zaina arrives to generate a lot of noise and arouse our interest to know more about it. Congratulations!

Zaina is a word of Arab origin that means “uncertain” “treacherous” or “disloyal.” Moreover, it is also used to refer to a bull that has black fur and no stain of another color. It is also used to identify a dark brown horse or mare. You think it’s everything? Read and learn more!

Expressions with the word Zaina

Here are some expressions where this word is used.

  • “There comes Manolo, mounted on his mare Zaina.” To refer to a dark brown mare.
  • “The rider rides a Zaino horse”. Black or dark brown horse. The “gauchos” in Argentina express it that way.
  • “That cattle is all Zaino color.” He says the cattle are all black.
  • “That man is a Zaina person.” It refers to that this individual tends to be a traitor, a false, with little credibility in the deal.

Zaina Curiosities

  • Zaina is the stage name of Lautaro Saina, a 16-year-old Argentine rapper winner in 2018 of the “cross-champions” tournament organized in Argentina.
  • Venezuelan salsero Oscar De León recorded a song called “Guede Zaina” which was part of his album “Fuzionando” released in 2006.
  • Zaina Erhaim is a Siry journalist, war correspondent and 2015 winner of the Peter Mackleral Brave and Ethical Journalism Award.
  • Zaina is the name of a small and historic Argentine restaurant, located in San Cruz, Argentina.


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