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Definition of XOXO

The term or rather the acronym written in capital letters as XOXO takes on the meaning of kisses and hugs. Generally, it is an expression used in the United States as an abbreviation of the words kisses and hugs meaning kisses and hugs.

This expression became popular on social networks and through the instant messaging application called WhatsApp, as people started writing XOXO instead of kisses and hugs.


  1. Kisses
  2. Hugs
  3. Cuddles
  4. Poppies
  5. Good wishes
  6. Hugs
  7. Affection


The origin of this expression has its foundation many years ago, although it is believed that its use is framed in social networks and written media that are used through technology today.

XOXO is an expression that denotes positive feelings. X is believed to have to do with the way the lips are positioned to blow a kiss and the O alludes to the circle the arms form when giving a hug.

Its use is believed to have started in 1894 when Winston Churchill wrote a letter to his mother in which he placed many XXX in a row and made a separate connotation saying many kisses, hence it is thought that its use related to this type of affection comes from.


XOXO is the title of a movie held by the streaming platform Netflix.

The production tells the individual story of six people who come together in one night without knowing each other and this evening becomes hopelessly romantic and very frantic. The acronym O is already in the shape of the lips on the cover that is presented to the public.