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Definition of Vabbing

To understand the meaning of “vabbing” you have to know that it is a word that derives from English and is composed of “vagina” and “dabbing” which means “rubbing”.

It is a trend on the social network TikTok in which users refer to use vaginal secretions are as perfume to attract others.


Vaginal rubbing
Vaginal secretions as perfume


Vabbing is a term for a TikTok trend in which vaginal secretions are used as a perfume to attract various people.

This recently exploded TikTok trend encourages women to use their vaginal fluids. This with the purpose of pheromones, can help to get love relationships.

The fluids can be placed as a conventional fragrance on the neck, wrists, and behind the ears. Undoubtedly, there are those who say that this trend is very effective to find the partner you want.

The tiktoker @jewlieah is one of the most dedicated promoters of vabbing. In her account she only uploads material that is related to this trend and that, according to her, helps to find a partner.

However, just as there are those who defend this trend, there are those who are against it because it is a simple deception. They point out that besides being a scam, it is a very unhygienic practice.


Some users have taken advantage of the fact that vabbing is a trend to make some TikTok clips making a kind of mockery towards people who believe that by smearing vaginal secretions they will find a partner.

Among those who have reacted negatively is a gynecologist, who in a video highlights that it is not effective to attract a partner as claimed, since pheromones are not detectable in that way as suggested with vabbing.