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Va sin jockey

Definition of Va sin jockey

Va sin jockey is a neologism used in urban music to refer to when a woman walks alone, without any kind of commitment. She goes without a boyfriend.

SYNONYMS FOR Va sin jockey

  1. She walks alone
  2. Without commitment
  3. Without boyfriend.

ORIGIN OF Va sin jockey

This expression is an expression used in the song “Cógela que van sin jockey” by reggateonero artist Daddy Yankee and is used to refer to a free woman, who has no commitment, that is to say, she has no boyfriend and is alone.

The jockey clearly refers to a jockey who rides horses in horse races, especially at the professional level.
When reggaeton expanded in 2003, with hits like ‘La Gata’ by Nicky Jam and Daddy Yankee nobody imagined that it could have so much influence at all levels, and in terms of vocabulary and expressions that its exponents began to use and spread to the popular language and slang of their fans.

Just a visit to the videos on the YouTube platform or to the publications in different social networks, and it becomes evident the socio-cultural impact of regeeaton, this musical style originated in Puerto Rico, and resulting from the mixture of different Latin and Jamaican musical styles, such as reggae, and that has adopted the aesthetics and autonomous particularities of urban hip-hop culture.

CURIOSITIES OF Va sin jockey

It was in 2005 with the song “Gasolina” by Daddy Yankee that this genre was consecrated as a defined style that marked the youth and imposed a new genre in society. It was precisely Daddy Yankee who popularized the term in his song “Cógela que va sin jockey”.