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Definition of Untouchable

The word untouchable is an English term that in its translation into Spanish refers to the meaning of “can not be touched”.

It is mostly a word of warning to denote an object that cannot be touched or a person that cannot be treated, depending on the context in which the word is used.

SYNONYMS FOR Untouchable

  1. ● Impalpable
  2. ● Unreachable
  3. ● Intangible
  4. ● Untouchable
  5. ● Untouchable

ORIGIN OF Untouchable

The word untouchable which in its English translation is untouchable is a compound word. In which is a prefix denoting negation, prohibition and touchable, a word that comes from the verb to touch which means to brush against a surface, usually with the hands to hold it, grab it or feel its texture.

Based on this, the word untouchable implies the opposite, it is a warning not to put one’s hands on the surface containing the word or writing.

The word is also used in popular slang to designate a person who is very attached to some position and cannot be moved from there for obvious reasons of preference in the workplace.


Untouchable is the name of a French movie released in 2011, very successful at the time.

The film narrates the life of a man quadriplegic from a paragliding accident who befriends an immigrant with a criminal record who enters his service as he was looking for someone’s help.

The film is emotional and very fresh, with excellent humor and shows us friendship seen from another point of life, it shows us how two men from completely different worlds can be united by the value of friendship.