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Definition of Twitter

Twitter is a free social network that allows you to write messages quickly and easily. It is also defined as a service that allows groups of friends, family and colleagues to communicate and stay in touch through quick and frequent messages. It is identified by a blue bird logo.


  1. Blue Bird Social Network
  2. Social Network
  3. Microblogging service
  4. Free social network


The origin of Twitter comes from a group of colleagues, former Google workers who started this idea and when they were fired, they started to work to begin this project that today has become one of the most successful social networks with more followers.

However, there is another story that creates controversy regarding the origin of Twitter and it is the one that narrates that this idea was born in a radio station, where the creators wanted to get a live podcast type program and when they could not achieve it for an unknown reason, they had the idea of this social network that they later formed.

Another fact we can add is that the social network, before being called as we know it, had several names until they found the right one, they were based on Flickr, an ordering website.


Did you know that this free social network is ranked as the seventh most favorite network in the world? In addition, it is one of the few social networks that informs users in real time about traffic and other matters of popular domain. You can log in and see the comments of people who take the platform based on issues of interest. So we can say that more than 3% globally are on and off Twitter every minute.