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Definition of Concepto

(In english concept) – It is the mental or academic representation of what something or someone means. For example: It is difficult to have a concept of the greatness of God.

In public speaking, describe what you want to communicate with words and the clarity of the messages you want to convey. For example: In Juan’s presentation all the concepts were clear.

Opinion that one or more persons may have of another regarding their character or fame. In this sense: Everyone has a very good concept of you.

In economics, it refers to the element or service to which a charge, expense or item is associatedAlso, the monetary amount associated with something. For example: By concept of expenses in the trip everything was 5 million pesos.


  1. Idea
  2. Judgment
  3. Notion
  4. Thought
  5. Opinion


The word concepto was taken from the Latin conceptus which means “to take”, “to conceive” or “to receive”. Thus, its main meaning is to represent what is thought about something, either starting from a general or particular worldview.

Little by little in the language this term was acquiring a polysemic character that preserves its origin from the Latin language. From this, it can be applied in different thematic contexts such as linguistics, narrative, economics, among others.


“Concepto Sentido” is an exclusive podcast on the Deezer platform in which participants discuss the meaning of a concept from various thematic perspectives. By May 2021 this podcast had at least 110 episodes.