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Definition of Tutu

Tutu, are called birds of prey very similar to the hawk and with green and blue plumage.

As tutu, he is known to an adored god of Egypt, considered protector of the Egyptians 600 years ago BC The statue of tutu, is represented as a lion with the head of a human, or vice versa, a human body with the head of a lion.

On some occasions, hawk or crocodile heads and a tail that transforms into a snake are also added.

The term tutu is commonly used in songs to repeatedly express the personal pronoun tú .

What does the word accented tutu mean

The word tutu, accented; points out the light, cropped skirts worn by ballet dancers.

Its origin is still uncertain, however, there are hypotheses that relate this word to the name of Tulle , the city where the fabrics for the manufacture of the tutu were made.

Animated series tutu

Princess tutu is a comics of Japanese origin related to ballet stories . It was broadcast for the first time in 2020 through the Kids Station television network

Tutu de 6ix9ine

Under the term tutuone of the songs of the American rapper with Latin roots Tekashi 6ix9ine is also known .

The song has been released together with an attractive and colorful video, forming part of the second track of the new studio album entitled ” Tattle Tales “.

In the tutu video, the singer appears alongside his girlfriend Jade and the collaboration of Blac Chyna.

It is a very colorful material where you can see luxurious vehicles of various models and colors; even a helicopter.

Chyna in particular shows almost complete nudity, being lightly covered by colored pearls.

In just one day, 6ix9ine’s tutu video clip already had a total of 12 million views on the YouTube channel.