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Definition of Tinto

The word tinto refers in many countries to a wine whose color is dark and whose taste is perhaps bitter, however, in some countries such as Colombia, tinto refers to the traditional black coffee.

It is customary for Colombians to drink a “tintico” after lunch because the coffee in this country is usually dark and almost in its natural state.


  1. Black coffee
  2. Cup of coffee
  3. Red wine
  4. Dark
  5. Black
  6. Red


The word tinto comes from the Latin tinctus which means, in its original meaning, dyed, which in its verb participle means to dip to color or make a drink or infusion, hence the word has acquired the meaning in certain countries of a cup of black coffee and loaded.

By loaded we mean coffee that is made with an extra measure. Despite this, in other countries and localities, the word tinto refers to the alcoholic beverage that is made from grapes and acquires a red color.

The word tinto carries so many meanings and culture within itself that it is really surprising that with only five letters it is capable of dragging a locality and even the whole society with its uses in popular jargon.

It is believed that the use of the word tinto to refer to black coffee is due to the color that it turns when it is served in a cup. It is also used because some regular coffee drinkers affirm that black and strong coffee tends to have a certain taste of red wine, bitter but tasty.


The geographical characteristics of Colombia make its cocoa crops and the coffee that they process are excellent, in fact it is recognized worldwide as one of the best. It has been awarded international prizes and has sales records all over the world.