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Definition of Vecino

The word vecino, neighbor in English, denotes a person who lives near another. It refers to those people who share a residence or whose homes are very close to each other, or who share a municipality or parish, depending on the country.

It should be noted that a neighbor maintains independent housing from the other person; they are united by the proximity of their homes.


  1. Adjacent person.
  2. Roommate.
  3. Related person.
  4. Acquaintance.
  5. Living next door.
  6. Who is near.
  7. To be near.


Vecino, comes from the Latin vicinus, which in turn comes from vicus, which means village, that is, inhabitant of a village, which is why nowadays it is used to denote a person who shares with another person the proximity of his residence, as if they were in the same village.

Now, the word vecino still denotes a person who lives in a certain place, especially if this locality is small.
It is used more in popular slang as “the one who lives near or next door”, but if we talk about housing, it can also be used to refer to a person who lives in a specific place.


Neighbor is such a broad word that there is even information about types of neighbors. They describe the people you can get in a building or municipality and the relationship they establish with their relatives.

Moreover, the meaning of neighbor is so broad that in popular parlance it refers not only to the joint dwelling, but also to the workplace, profession, clothing and much more. A neighbor can cover as much as an entire municipality.