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Definition of Tauromaquia

Tauromaquia, Spanish for Bullfighting, is understood as the art, technique and trade that consists of dealing with bulls or heavy cattle.

This term also refers to bullfighting competitions, where the person who practices this activity must undergo an exhaustive training to be able to handle bulls or heavy cattle.

SYNONYMS FOR Tauromaquia

  1. ● Bullfighting
  2. ● Running bulls
  3. ● Herding cattle

ORIGIN OF Tauromaquia

The word bullfighting comes from the Greek tauro meaning bull and the Greek machomai meaning to fight, to hold fight. This word refers to any battle where a man, either standing or sitting, fights with the bull, in addition to this, it also includes everything related to bulls, be it festivities, celebrations, traditions, popular festivals, among other activities.

Bullfighting originated in Spain in the 18th century, hence its extension to countries such as Portugal, France, Mexico, among others.

Added to all that has already been said, bullfighting is also a term that talks about everything related to the handling of heavy livestock, more specifically bulls, there are complete books on this art where they give detailed advice on how to control these animals.


At present, there is a movement that prohibits this type of activities with bulls and other animals. In fact, many of the precursors of this movement are actors from Mexico, Panama and other countries that follow or had sympathized with bullfighting.

Recently, Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, made a video in which she transforms herself into different people and animals and ends up being a bull as an active call for the protest of this practice, and also comments that all beings are equal in all important aspects.