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Definition of T16

It is a sequence of graphic symbols that can represent different things. In general, the letter “T” is used to designate each of the parts of a television series . In this case, “S16” would represent season 16.


It is a card assigned for children from 4 to 16 years old in Barcelona. This allows them to make a number of free trips on the public transport network.  


The T16 sequence can have different origins depending on what it refers to. Typically, the letter T represents a word and the number the number sequence in which it is found. For example, in the case of television series “T” is for “season and the number is the sequence of it.


The letter “T” in this case comes from the word “card” while the number designates the maximum age of its beneficiaries. This type of card is common in different countries in which priority is given to minors who are in a period of non-university studies or of lower level than university.


Agras T16 is the name given to a drone with OcuSync 2.0 system  that provides high definition images and brings with it an FPV wide-angle camera with integrated light. It is a device that can raise its range of action up to 3,000 meters and operate optimally at night.

The Peugeot 208 T16 is a racing vehicle, also known as the  Preugeot 208 R5 , that debuted in 2014 participating in Rally competitions. It is a machine with all-wheel drive, 5-speed sequential gearbox, 1595 cc displacement, 4 cylinders and turbo.

Radio equipment  used to transmit event messages through a system linked to Trikdis radio networks  is known under the name RF-T16  .

T16 is a digital temperature transmitter  designed for industrial environments that transforms the signal received from the temperature sensor into a 4-20 mA analog signal. In addition, it is an equipment that can detect sensor breakage and carry the complete observation of the measurement range.

Haylou T16 hearing aids are high quality wireless devices. They stand out, among other things, because they offer, at the time of their launch, a good relation between price and quality.