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Definition of Sway

Sway is the title of Luis Fonsi’s new single released in April 2020 on the Songland television show. Sway is an English term whose Spanish translation is balanceo or vaivén.

Songland is a space that allows amateur composers to carry their lyrics and be heard by renowned artists to make them exist.

Sway makes his appearance in the second season of the show on behalf of participant PipoBeats and was considered a hit from the get-go by the judges.

What is Office Sway?

Sway or rather Office Sway is a modern application that belongs to Microsoft Office products, launched for the first time on August 5, 2015 as part of Office Online.

Sway is a virtual platform that allows you to share content in an original and creative way, since it has at your disposal a great variety of templates with innovative designs to make your presentation more attractive.  

In this tool you can export documents from your mobile device or from other digital platforms such as OneDrive, Youtube and Facebook.

With Sway you can share from a personal story to scientific articles for free. This application uses a design engine that, together with the information provided by the user, creates the template and the presentation format.

And although the application helps you provide the best possible quality to your information if the user does not feel comfortable with the option to personalize.