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Definition of Sumisa

Sumisa refers to a woman who submits and allows herself to be overpowered by circumstances or other people, accepting their will without questioning. The word denotes or implies submission or domination.


  1. • Obedient
  2. • Subordinate
  3. • Dominated
  4. • Tamed
  5. • Subjugated
  6. • Docile
  7. • Well-behaved
  8. • Manipulable
  9. • Manageable
  10. • Surrendered


They never say no as an answer and are always willing to accept any task, assignment, or proposal made to them. Most of the time, they are suitable and useful for others, although they would prefer to dedicate themselves to something else.

The word “sumisa” comes from the Latin “submissus” and means “one who allows themselves to be dominated.” Some of the characteristics that submissive people have, at least in psychology, are traits that tend to become negative and affect their quality of life.

Submissive people have mainly negative characteristics, as they tend to have poor self-esteem and therefore tend to have significant problems when it comes to relating in a healthy and mature way.

Therefore, these behaviors often manifest in various ways, as well as in their mood, even though in general, these behaviors are submissive and the mood tends to be negative.


It is not always easy to identify a submissive person, since those who are tend to be so in a very generalized way in their lives.

However, others may be perfectly mature individuals in certain areas and completely submissive in others, even excessively authoritarian in some relationships and very submissive in others.

The human being is definitely a great contradiction, which is why it is essential to determine concretely what we mean by submission, in which area of their life we see it and to take into account if the same individual has the same perception that we perceive or if they are not aware of it.