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Definition of Morra

The word “morra” is the masculine form of “morro” and is commonly used in Mexico to refer to a young girl or teenager.

It can also refer to the prominent part of the face of some animals, where the nose and mouth are located. Additionally, it can be used to refer to impudence or audacity.


  1. Girl
  2. Teenager
  3. Young woman
  4. Lass
  5. Maiden
  6. Chick


The word “morra” has various definitions that have little to do with its meaning in Mexico as a term for a young girl. In Mexican slang, there are a variety of words used to refer to girls and women. However, little is known about the true origin of “morra.”

One popular hypothesis is that “morra(o),” “morrita(o),” and “morrilla(o)” originated in northern Mexico to refer to small or “cute” things. It’s worth noting that the diminutive “morrita” is commonly used in Mexico, especially to refer to a woman with whom one is in a romantic relationship, as there is a difference between saying “mi morra” and “mi morrita.”

Another possible origin of the word can be found in the Georgian word “cxvirpiri” which means “face,” but with a derogatory connotation when referring to specific facial features such as the nose or mouth.


The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) provides eight different definitions of the word “morra(o).”

The first definition refers to the “prominent part of the face of some animals, where the nose and mouth are located,” although the term can also be used more generally to refer to the “front and extended end of certain things.”

It can also mean “impudence” and even an interjection used to refer to the sound that cats make.